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Dear SGB, Parents, Staff, Learners (past and present)

It is with a deep sadness that I inform you that one of our SGB parents, Deputy Chair, Mrs Michele Pearce passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning. She was diagnosed with cancer in October last year and, despite a strong fight, it became evident over the past three weeks that she was losing the battle and early yesterday morning she slipped away surrounded by her family.

Michele was Bergvliet through and through.....having matriculated from Bergvliet in the mid 80’s, she then sent her children Jade, Skye and Jordan to Bergvliet. She was resolute in her passion for Bergvliet High and, unlike so many others, she was willing to walk the talk for this School of ours. Not only a past pupil and a parent, she became a governor of the school 5 years ago.  Michele was the driving force behind a group of parents who took this School by the proverbial scruff of its neck and turned it around. She stood firm and strong in the face of bullies. She was a woman of unbreakable faith and prayed daily for years for this School. She spent countless hours serving this school in SGB meetings, on recruitment panels for staff, doing exit interviews and she developed into a highly experienced Chair of Disciplinary Hearings where Michele brought her personal family experience to the table. She was nominated and elected as the Deputy Chair of the SGB this year.

On a personal note, she became a good friend to me, yet amusingly struggled to call me Stephen, so we both settled on calling each other Mr/Mrs P.

Fiercely independent and full of passion for this School, Michele touched the hearts and lives of parents, staff and learners alike with her special brand of love and compassion. She was prepared to ask the difficult questions when others didn’t want to. She was prepared to ask the “stupid” questions when others were just as confused but were too afraid to ask. She was quick to find the good in others.

She was kind, gentle, strong, passionate, faithful, loyal, honest, a best friend forever to many of us.....she was a passionate defender and supporter of this School and fulfilled her responsibilities with respect and deference to the role of a governor..
In ways too numerous to detail, Michele Pearce was Bergvliet and we will miss her terribly.

Farewell dear Michele....you were everything God asked you to be....a good and faithful servant ....
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