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Bergvliet High School’s Interact Club has a dedicated committee of 8 girls who have the passion for reaching out and encouraging their school in making a difference to our community. There is also a large club of interactors behind the committee who help with drives, visits to townships, hand-outs to hospitals, Rotary community events and many more things all going towards helping our community. Mrs. Naysmith and Mrs. Drew are teachers which assist with Interact. Along with our President Chelsea Joy Titmas, Vice-President Tamsyn Meinking, Secretary Jesse Bergman, Treasurer Zahraa Davids, Sergeant Yolanda Dlumbulio and our 3 Portfolio heads Lauren Wrigley, Alex Reid and Taryn Cupido, along with our club of about 30 pupils. Chelsea-Joy Titmas.

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Interact recently held a Christmas Party for children from Constantia Primary School.


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We partner with Rotary in a number of fundraising events and service activities, serve our school at a variety of functions and go on outings into our local community.

We believe that we can make a difference in the world in which we live, by serving others. And so in Interact we tackle projects both in and outside the school to serve our peers, communities and country.

2011 Interact Committee

Interact meets on Wednesdays during 2nd break in Mrs Naysmith's classroom. If you would like to be involved in making a difference, then come along and join Interact.

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Take a look at what Interact have been up to lately by viewing the PDF here

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Learners at Bergvliet High School used their time wisely during their long holiday by knitting and collecting scarves for the homeless and underprivileged. This project is part of the schools Interact Society which is a long term project aimed at giving to others.

Mr Baker (Principal) and two learners from Stephen Road Primary are pictured here with Mrs van Zyl.


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