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We, the Audio-Visual Team (otherwise known as the Media Crew), play a very important role at Bergvliet High School. We contribute a great deal of our time to the school after hours to make sure that everything is running smoothly for all the various functions that are held at Bergvliet High School. There are currently 13 members and it is the custom to take in a maximum of 3 Grade 8s at the start of each year.


Sound is a very important part of the Audio Visual Team. We supply sound for Dance Shows, Fashion Shows, Assemblies, and more. We normally hire a ‘big rig’ for the shows and, as you will find out, we like to make as much noise as we can.


Lighting, like sound, is an important function of the Audio Visual Team. Lighting tasks include patching, positioning and setting all of the lights and creating the special effects for the shows. This is a lot of fun.

We will require a maximum of 3 pupils in Grade 8 to join the team at the start of the year. We do have an entrance test but our selection is not only based on those results. Any previous experience and your willingness to learn and co-operate with the other team members is also taken into consideration.

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