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Principal's Desk - Coronavirus Protocol Print E-mail

Coronavirus Protocol

This letter serves to bring you up to speed on our coronavirus protocols here at school. The matter has been addressed at SGB level and we have asked Dr Nasief van der Schyff, who is a parent governor, to assist us with outlining a Bergvliet specific protocol going forward. The SGB is choosing to be proactive about the risks going forward but also intends to keep our responses to the risks as "stage appropriate", meaning we will implement measures that are appropriate to the level of infections in the region at any given time.

The SGB and school leadership intends to develop stage appropriate responses, prepared in advance, depending on how the risk develops in the community . This advanced planning will enable us to respond quickly as each new phase is reached in the spread of the virus. At this moment we are in the "Awareness and Education Stage"...posters around the school and in classrooms, hand sanitizer in classrooms, reduction of physical contact on campus - shaking hands, sharing of food/drinks, awareness videos in class to name some of the initiatives.

Our next phase is to increase our communication to you, this letter being the first in this regard, as well as the identification of specific learners and staff who fall i.nto high risk categories ...age/diabetic/respiratory problems/heart disease amongst other risk factors. We are currently communicating our concerns and questions to our District leadership and, at the same time, I am consulting with my principal network to see how other schools are responding to the developing crisis. We will be dependent on information from the authorities in order to make effective decisions and we must be aware that some decisions affecting us as a school might be made at a higher level than the SGB. ·

We have opened up the discussion with our academic staff to see how we can provide distance learning and teaching in order to mitigate any potential school closures. At this stage, however, we want to encourage you to engage with your children to make them aware of the potential risk without creating panic. Teach and guide them about the current protocols already listed by the authorities. If your child gets sick, for whatever reason, we are encouraging you to keep them at home. I am doing the same with my staff.

Increased infections at school, of any nature can lower ones immunity or resistance to further infection. Please be advised that the school, whilst developing our own protocols,will be guided by the authorities who have greater experience in situations like this. We do not want to overreact or under react to the current situation hence our "stage appropriate response" strategy. As usual I am always happy to receive input from you as parents which can assist us in developing our responses going forward, as I believe there are parents who do have knowledge of situations like this.

Please do not hesitate to offer your help. If you have any concerns or questions I will be happy to respond if I can or I will redirect your concern/question to the WCED or relevant authority for their help. I rely, as always, on your cooperation and in circumstances like this I believe the safety of your child and my staff is paramount. I believe we have a collective responsibility to be mindful of the potential risks.

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