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Principal's Desk - July 2018 Print E-mail
I am sure each one of us can identify one or more individuals who have had a significant impact on our lives in a personal way. I can think of many people who acted as “signposts’ along my journey through life, guiding me, stopping me, helping me change direction and, when one reaches the crossroads in one’s life, helping one make the right choice.

Rarely, however, are we able to identify someone who manifestly impacts our lives as a population, as a country, in a positive and uplifting way. In Nelson Mandela we had such a person. I don’t believe we have been able to comprehend his impact as yet and historians will, in the future, remind us what he did for this country of ours. His contribution, not without blemish, to the successful transition from an apartheid state to a democratic one was invaluable. Few were able to resist his requests and, from international leaders, business leaders, religious leaders and the ordinary man in the street, all were swept up with his vision for our country.

Bergvliet High School, I believe, is one of the few schools in our country, which reflects his vision of the ‘Rainbow Nation”, and, just like him, we are learning and adapting every day to uphold the dignity of every individual in this school. We are not the finished product yet, nor was Nelson Mandela, but he impacted our lives in order that we could be part of providing new hope to the many children who enter and leave this wonderful school of ours. Not only is his vision a part of ours, but his words are on the walls of our staffroom – a daily reminder of how important our place in society, as teachers, is. His vision is a challenge that we should never be afraid to defend.

Bergvliet High celebrated what would have been his 100th birthday by serving our community. Music, food donations and hos-pital visits were part of our celebrations and we thank you, the parents, for being so generous in your support.

Nelson Mandela, an international icon, yet he had time for the smallest child. We hope to emulate his example in this school. No amount of prestige we gain will be worth anything, if we do not give hope to the children who pass through this school. Stephen Price
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