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Principal's Desk - October 2018 Print E-mail
I would like to thank everyone for supporting and sharing the wonderful occasion of the opening of the school Cultural centre and surrounds with us.

We were delighted to welcome Paul Robertson, past principal, who as our guest of honour did the honour of opening our new library. From the moment I took over as principal, I was under pressure from staff to “get rid of the prefabs, they were alternately “too hot or too cold, they were too small and falling apart”. Similarly there was pressure to have a “proper music venue” and additional classrooms. People suggested where to build, what to build, all of the suggestions and ideas began to swirl around in my head, and over the next few years I began to crystallize the vision in my head and one day I was in a position to verbalise this to the SGB. After having practiced it many times on other people (that meant anyone who came into my office was forced to listen to my pitch)

The SGB saw the vision of the management and the need for upgrading our facility and instructed me to find an architect. I asked around and a shortlist of half a dozen architects presented their interpretation of our vision. The SGB unanimously appointed Bruce Burmeister and Associate Architects. It quickly became apparent that we had made the right choice and within weeks of the brief, I had a provisional drawing on my desk. I immediately fell in love with it and so did the SGB. ABSA came to the party with the loan and before long we went to the parents and they gave it the thumbs up too and we were delighted to have so many parents joining us at the opening.

Parents and guests were taken around the complex by our new prefects and were as delighted with the development as we are. Bruce and his team brought our vision to life. Overall this devel-opment includes 6 classrooms, a new art room and drawing room, a multi-faith prayer facility, an extended science lab, expanded disabled access to the buildings, a refurbished library, a new front foyer and toilets of the main hall, an astro changing facility, a dedicated music block inclusive of an office, kitchen, store, 7 individual practical music rooms, a sub divisible hall and an outside amphitheater. Every last penny of this has been financed by the par-ents, with no support from the WCED, I am sorry to say. The excitement has been tangible with both the learners and staff very excited to be moving into our new space. Thank you to the SGB and the parents for this wonderful facility. We appreciate your confidence in us.
We have enjoyed putting many finishing touches to the building, the pic-tures, the plants, just everything….. So many people had input into all this and I have appreciated all the suggestions and ideas. I hope you can see your idea, suggestion …somewhere in the building….
It was a personal honour for me to open this wonderful facility and I know, without doubt, that it will add huge value to the school and the broader community.  Stephen Price
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