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Principal's Desk - February 2019 Print E-mail
A world of opportunity… One of the many advantages of attending a school like Bergvliet is the opportunities it creates for our learners across many aspects of school life. This is where holistic education is made a reality. Let me tell you about the opportunities that we create for your children to be a part of.

Did you know that our library is open till 5pm every day? In the library we have computers for afternoon project work or research and an independent study room where learners can sit quietly and study without being interrupted by activities in the library. We have a chill out section in the library where your child can wait in a safe space, this helps our working moms and dads when they can only fetch later in the day.

We have introduced several new clubs and societies this term. The Poi Fire Dancing club which teaches 37 learners the skills of Poi in the afternoon after school. One of our staff, Ms Raw, is very accomplished at this skill and she has offered her services to teach the learners.
Ms Ritchie has created a Careers Club for the senior learners to learn skills re preparing for interviews, business etiquette,

introduction to careers and a myriad of other interesting topics. She has significant experience in the corporate world and is a qualified Life Coach. She adds tremendous value to the learners who have signed up for this group.

Ms van Wyk has introduced the Woman Up society (as opposed to Man Up) and her aim is to build our young girls up to become the strong independent women we would like them to be. What a wonderful opportunity this is.

Our cheerleaders and spirit committee are back and we have a strong team of educators who are reviving these two exciting societies.
Our Catering Committee, resplendent in the new chef’s jackets, are learning real life skills in the catering industry. Guest speakers and new skills are being presented to the learners in this group. Currently they are learning the skills of setting a formal table from the Hotel School, as well as learning about serving different types of wine. There is a possibility of a Barista course soon, which I know they will absolutely love.
On the academic side our learners in the senior grades have access to huge scholarships for tertiary study from the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation (3 available), Boston College, False Bay College and Students for a Better Future. These have been offered to Bergvliet High School as a result of our proven track record of academic excellence.

On the sporting side our swimmers (37 learners and staff) took part in the Cape Mile recently and walked away with R10 000 in prize money. These learners are being given the opportunity to test their mental and physical endurance when face with swimming long distances. It is not easy yet they come out on top.

Individually our learners are to be found representing their province or country in swimming, boxing, synchronized swimming, sailing, rowing, soccer, dancing and martial arts. Our learners are given the support and recognition which they fully deserve.

Space does not allow me the time to continue showing you the many other opportunities your child is exposed to - music, media, tuckshop, History, Expo’s, Two Oceans Aquarium courses etc. If your child is not part of a sport, a cultural society or any other aspect of the school, they are missing out!! Please encourage them to become involved. It is where they make lifelong friends and memories. At Bergvliet High there is something for everyone. Stephen Price
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