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Principal's Desk - August 2017 Print E-mail
August has been a period of rebuilding at school. The boundary fencing surrounding the school has been installed. The pavilion which was extensively damaged in the monster storm in June has been completed as well. The front foyer has seen a minor revamping too. Added to this, has been the behind the scenes work on the building plans for the new classrooms and cultural centre the school is building for 2018. Work commences on the building on Monday 4 September 2017, so we are beyond excited at the moment.

The school drama production was a wonderful exhibition of the talent of the pupils both on stage and backstage. Huge thanks must go to Mrs Leonard and her team who pulled all the strings to direct and produce a fantastic production thoroughly enjoyed by all. The only disappointing aspect perhaps was the lack of support on the two evenings from both pupils and parents. School productions should be about the whole school and not those few learners who are actually on the stage. Just as we rally to support the rugby and other sports teams, so too should we arrive in our numbers to support our learners and staff who are more culturally inclined. We must do better next year folks.

In the past two weeks the school has been rocked by a number of serious misconduct issues in which pupils have brought the name of the school into disrepute out in the public. This has to stop! Smoking in public, stealing from the local shopping centre, the use of vulgar and bad language, even racist language at times and showing disrespect to the school uniform by wearing it in a slovenly manner is simply unacceptable. The school is taking strong and decisive action against the children but I am asking that you address these concerns directly with your own children. The school has introduced a HOTLINE in order for pupils to report such incidents anonymously if necessary.

The contact number for the HOTLINE is 062 142 5814
Stephen Price

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