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Principal's Desk - March 2017 Print E-mail
A 60th birthday is a very special occasion to celebrate. Today we made a special memory when we formed the “60” on the field. Thank you Mr Rimbault for making it happen. We all have memories of our past and our past pupils and staff present today will no doubt remember their time at Bergvliet.

Our pupils and staff of today share an invisible bond with all the past pupils and staff of the past 60 years and indeed with those who will follow them in the years ahead. You all form part of a school community which has nurtured all its pupils. Bergvliet High pupils can be seen in all walks of life as they build strong connections, engage in many fields and professions and are making significant contributions to our society, not just in Cape Town and South Africa, but also in other parts of the world. During Founders Day Assembly we acknowledge one such past pupil, Eric Nathan as well as acknowledging the contribution of late principal, Mr AJH Smith.

It is difficult to imagine what the world was like for the first pupils who entered Bergvliet 60 years ago. We can, however, be certain that their teachers and parents, just like now, would have dedicated themselves to developing the talents of their students, their critical thinking, and care and sensitivity for others less fortunate in the community.
Whilst we might not know what it was like we know that in those 60 years the world has changed. There was no TV, no cell phone, no internet, no selfies, no Snapchat, no “I am only on 17% charge”.

What hasn’t changed is that Bergvliet has always believed young people can do anything and continues to develop the motivated leaders of the future.

Part of our vision is a Remembrance of Journey and on this wonderful occasion of our birthday I'd like you to consider the path you are walking on and the path you are creating. The example you are following and the example you are setting. As you tread this path you are shining a light for others to follow. Not only do we tread the path that others have made but we are creating new paths to the fu-ture. Paths which we are not always sure where they lead. This is the pioneering spirit that we inherit from our past pupils.

Today I will give you three things to remember. Think Back! Go Global! Look forward! echoes the ambitions your parents and teachers have for you in your future lives.

Think back!
means to make connections with the past, soak up knowledge, look for the lessons of history, use this to strengthen your journey into the future. When you leave this school, don’t forget it. Remain an integral part of it because we need to see you when we look back.

Go Global!
means to look beyond our immediate horizon, our immediate borders. The world is no longer US and THEM. The world is all of us. Each one of us has a rightful place in the world. We need to place a premium on tolerance, to accept diversity, to be cultur-ally sensitive and explore new places and cultures. Spread you wings but like the migrating birds of our shores, return stronger, wiser and ready to bring new things to our shores.

Look Forward!
Your parents and teachers believe there is great potential in all of you. You might end up in developing your interest in arts or languages, sports or sciences. You may end up with a life-long passion in something you do not even imagine at this moment on this day. Did I ever imag-ine being Principal of my own school? No I didn’t. The task of parents, teachers and future teachers of this school is to help you discover your potential and a life-long love of learning.

Congratulations to Bergvliet High on our 60th Anniversary. To the past and present pupils, to the past and present principals, to the past and present teachers and to the past and present parents, Happy Founders Day!! Thank you for being part of the tapestry of our school.

Extract taken from Mr Price’s speech at Founders Day Assembly

The “60” video can be viewed on
YouTube or the Bergvliet High School Facebook pageStephen Price
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